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Worldview weekend

By on May 21, 2016

The worldview weekend

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 Sep, 2016
Your facilitators are Bonny Casel and Maddy Harland

The worldview weekend is a fascinating exploration of a holistic worldview, the awakening and transformation of consciousness, and our nature connection. We will explore hidden patterns to culture that strongly influence economic, social, and ecological relationships. Each culture, each sub-group, each wave of history is guided, informed, and directed by particular interpretations about the nature of reality. Yet, a new worldview is indeed emerging, a worldview that is complementing and merging with long-held philosophies of the world’s wisdom traditions.

This new worldview, this evolution in consciousness, will prove to be of unprecedented and unparalleled proportions because of the unifying effects of cultural globalisation. The new worldview is being defined as an evolution from mechanistic to holistic, or from material to spiritual, interpretations about the nature of reality: Consciousness precedes physicality; ideas create form. The purpose of the Worldview dimension therefore, is to articulate the parameters of this evolution as it pertains to the design and implementation of sustainable models.

Maddy Harland and Bonny Casel are co-facilitating the worldview weekend and these two incredibly inspiring women are sure to take you on a transformational journey.

The weekend will take place at beautiful St Margarets House in Bethnal Green. Please note lunch is not included. The Gallery Cafe has a selection of delicious vegan and vegetarian food, and potluck lunch is encouraged as well!

Worldview week at EDE Findhorn, 2014


St Margarets House, Bethnal Green, London


Saturday: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday: 9:30am – 5:30pm


  • Two days of facilitated learning experiences
  • Refreshments and snacks

Not included: lunch, potluck lunch is encouraged


Single weekend
Regular fee: £115,-
Students & low income: £85,-

Full programme (4 weekends)
Regulare fee: £440,-
Students & low income: £380,-

We have worked hard to keep the fees as low as possible. Please select the fee appropriate for your situation, so we can offer places to low income & students as well. Thank you!